Thursday, April 7, 2011

Read-a-thon Fundraiser

Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon kicks off at noon GMT on April 9, which means my clock and my cell phone will be set to wake me up at 4:45am on Saturday morning and I will make the great migration from bed to comfy sofa, where I'm less likely to immediately fall asleep again.

If I had my choice I would read all day, every day, so to ease my guilty conscience about doing something so self-indulgent, I'll also be raising money for the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA – in my role as a board member.

First and foremost, I pledge to donate $20 for each hour and/or each 100 pages I fall short of the goals below (or $20 if I make both goals):

*20 hours direct participation (including up to two hours blogging and participating in online mini-challenges)
*1900 pages read

I challenge you to make your own donation to the GVPTA by:

A - Cheering me on with a pledge of $1, $2, or $5 (or whatever is within your means) for every full hour I participate, or one cent for every page;
B - Challenging me further by making a lump sum donation (suggested $20 minimum) conditional on the above goals being met or exceeded;
C - Mix and mingle - make an hourly pledge with a bonus for reaching targets

You can make your pledge at this entry. I'll post a link to the GVPTA's Canada Helps page for donations in the final round-up post on Sunday morning, along with a full breakdown of time and page counts. You'll have to trust me on those, but if you've read this far, you probably know me well enough to at least have faith in my inability to lie convincingly under cross-examination.

Thanks for your support!


  1. Your goals sound wonderful for the charity, I hope you raise a lot of money for your wonderful charity.

    Happy reading.

  2. Pledges thus far:

    Katie Nichols - tbd
    Chelsea McPeake - tbd
    Lisa Rasmussen - $20
    Jo Atkins - tbd
    Dan Paterson - $20
    Michael McNair - $20
    Meredith Elliott - $20 (minimum)

  3. Thank you! It's an organization I'm proud to serve as a board member. I've already had some generous pledges from family and friends, so now I just have to do my part tomorrow.

  4. What a great cause! Happy reading! I'm raising money for the New York Public Library, $1 for every book I read, all year... hoping to plow through a bunch this weekend. Maybe even stay up all 24 hours?

  5. Hey Meredith!

    Great idea and I wish you luck with it! You can put me down for a $20 donation to your cause! Have fun and happy reading!

  6. I hope you've enjoyed the read-a-thon so far and kudos for taking the opportunity to raise funds for a worthy cause! I'm reading to benefit the Virginia Beach Public Library myself. Keep up the great work!