Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dewey's Read-a-thon Part 3 -Halfway Mark

I can't believe we're past the halfway point. I just finished book four - page count 1081. 

I have to leave to go to the Whitecaps game in about an hour, so I think I'll move on to some short stories. That way I won't leave something unfinished. I' not sure if I'll listen to an audiobook or read on my phone as I walk. Perhaps the latter as I have a book on the go that I can pick up easily.

Hour 14 Mini-Challenge:Bookish Brew

I've been alternating between ice tea and real tea. And cold pizza...

Back after a very disappointing, though ultimately exciting game. Shocking refereeing- Laba's first card was bogus and I'm pretty sure you can't kick somebody on the ground after play has stopped. Or I guess you can if you're kicking a Whitecap. Not a good sports night for Vancouver - though really, the Canicks never fail to live up to expectations...

Hour 18 Mini-Challenge: Best Of...

Here are some of my best of books for the past year. 

Best Book of the Reading Year - Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. I can't count how many times I nearly walked into people reading it on my phone walking to work. But I couldn't wait,

I'll give Kate Atkinson Best Author of my reading year, because I loved the Jackson Brodie novels as well. And yes, I'm one of those middle aged women who sigh when they say his name (though mainly because Jason Isaacs is lovely when he's not platinum blond), so Jackson gets my Character of the Year as well. 

Best Mystery - How the Light Gets In by Louse Penny. I discovered this series this year - I started in the middle and worked forwards and then backwards, which I think was an advantage, because the writing kept getting stronger. The only disadvantage was that it was pretty clear who the killer was in the first book, since the character wasn't in the later books :)


  1. Wow, congratulations on finishing four books already! Best of luck reading!

    1. Thank you - I hope you had a great readathon!

  2. First, your page count and amazing! Second, I have a several of those Alfred Hitchcock story collections! I bought a few at a library sale years ago since I read them all the time as a kid. ;)

    Reading all night,
    Reading all day,
    It's just simply
    the Readathon way!


    1. The.stories were great as I started to flag, but not enough to keep my eyes open until the very end sadly 😉

      Thank you for the great cheerleading!

  3. Grab a snack, dance a jig, it's Hour 18! You can do it! I know this hour gets difficult (for me, at least). Hope you're having a great time with your books! #TeamPopper

    1. I did well until around hour 21/22 this year I should definitely have tried a jig then! I hope you had a great readathon - thank you for the support.